On the Undead

The Undead are both to be despised and pitied. Not only does the raising of a physical body desecrate that body but it also traps that soul in Limbo. If one heeds the lessons of the Patronii Limbo is a horrid place. Limbo consists of an empty vacuum in which only souls may exist. While that may not sound very horrible your soul can do absolutely nothing! Even worse yet each soul is trapped in a “personal limbo” so there is not even contact with other souls. Try sitting in a small room for months or years at a time with nothing but your personal thoughts! Most everyone would go mad!

It was nearly three hundred years ago that the Kingdom of Thalassinus brought about a revision to their legal code. Sentences would be able to not only include punishment while a person was alive but also while they were dead. The theory was that some people would be less likely to break the law if the punishment extended past their current state. What an uproar it caused! Since then there have been many volumes written on subject, whether it is right or wrong. The Patronii refuse to judge on the matter saying that it is “our decision to make on how to punish those who break the laws.”

At first the criminal undead were kept in dungeons out of sight of all people. King Baltazar of Codicia was the first to put the undead into service. For a small fee he allowed people to “rent” the undead for menial labor. Undead worked the farms, cleaned stables, and other such simple labor. Once Codicia proved it was a profitable venture nearly every Kingdom that put the Undead Punishment Revision into effect adopted this. Again this caused such an uproar! Now it is common to see Undead working in fields next to roads, cleaning cities and even in some less reputable places serving guests in a bar!

While it has become acceptable to punish people this way raising the dead for no reason is a despised ideal. Even more so despised is those who would use Undead soldiers. There are few things that could unite the Kingdoms but one Kingdom doing such a thing would cause all to march under a single banner to destroy anyone who would commit such a heinous act. The Veneficus who perform such sorcery are also looked down upon though quite unfairly in my opinion.

On the Undead

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